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Why to die before death? – A case of successful recovery in an elderly long distance unseen patient!

Why to die before death? – A case of successful recovery in an elderly long distance unseen patient!

This case is very near to my heart! It made me believe that Homeopathy is the greatest tool if used intellectually. Distance doesn’t matter if medicine is prescribed after well taken case; sharing my experience of treating major illness in a long distance unseen 92 years old patient…enjoy the article!

A 70 years old man visited me by at 20th may 2015. He consulted me for his 92 years old mother, who was a known case of Acute Cholecystitis, Cholelithiasis and Gall Bladder stone, living in his native village and unable to come for consultation.

Chief complaint was pain in right side of abdomen below the last rib ( I considered it as Rt. Hypochondria, as patient was not present there to explain exact location) and she used to feel it more after lunch.

Her all parameters were normal.

It was difficult to diagnose remedy on such small information.

I decided to explore her life style and behavior.

Her son revealed-‘ My mother was born and brought up in a poor family. She had 6 siblings. When she was 2 years old, her mother delivered the other child. My mother had to take care of her younger siblings and she never got proper attention or time from her mother. The old life style was like this only; the elder sister has to play motherly role for the youngers. Later on my mom got married at early age. After marriage she was always under control of my grand mother, who compelled my mother to work for whole day without uttering a single word. My mother is very simple lady, never demanded fancy clothes or food. She is happy with what she has. She still do all household work; very punctual about her routine. We have maids to help her but she wants to do every work by herself in her own way in which she gets panic because of her age and lack of strength. She takes care of every small thing which is really not worthy to pay attention. She feels that nobody should find a single fault in her work.She cares me a lot, keeps on calling me to confirm did I eat my lunch, did I take medicines or did I go for morning walk etc. She is cheerful person but sometimes she says- Why God gave me such childhood and such dominating mother in law.’

I won’t say that was sufficient information, but at least I got a hunch about remedy.

Graphites, Lycopodium, staphysagria came up.

I was wondering as never heard the role or indication of Graphites in Chololithiasis.

As Homeopathy treats the patient not the part, decided to cross check it with Materia Medica.

Graphites-They are quiet, unassuming, gentle, matter of fact people, who would be described as ‘normal’ and ‘pleasant’ by most people who know them. Graphites is made from carbon, down-to-earth kind of personality, simple, uncomplicated but emotional people. Graphites is innocent but intellectual, tend to say what she thinks. But she is shy too, remains quiet person even in familiar company. she is caring and empathetic, and will generally become distressed when confronted by another’s suffering. Graphites, usually a grounded lady, having good common sense, easily coping with others. Graphites is a very feminine type, who seldom puts her ego or her intellect before her heart. Family life is generally her first love.She is satisfied as long as her personal life is loving and secure, but she can be oversensitive to disharmony in her relationships, and she may become very moody when her parent or her partner does not behave lovingly towards her. If any quarrel happens, she withdraws herself but avoid talking with the person who hurted her; she weeps in privacy or exhibit her anger by slamming doors. She can not express her anger verbally as it can make drown her into tears. Hence she is known as most weepy person of materia medica. There is irresolution because of fear of making wrong decision; hence there is a rubric –‘Fear of misfortune.’

Graphites can be quite timid and fearful. Depending on her upbringing she may be shy of people, afraid of adventurous physical activities. There is fear of the future and fear of losing their loved ones and hence Graphites people suffer greatly from bereavement.

It was enough to justify the remedy but still something was lacking. I added one more rubric in repertory chart.


Graphites 30 was given in aqua dose. One spoon once in a day for 30 days has been advised along with Ceonanthus Q ten drops in half cup of water OD.

Follow ups- 21/ 06/2015.

Pain reduced but still there.

Same medicine continued for 30 days.

23/07/2015- Pain was much better. Same medicine continued for 30 days.

Advised Ultrasound.

24/08/2015- No pain after eating. She was comfortable.

Ultrasound report-

Conclusion-We usually consider that elderly patient has low resistance power and their disorders can not be cured. Correct remedy given at correct time open up the case.

Three ‘C’ should always be kept in mind-

1. Cause of disease

2. Condition of patient

3. Complications.

This case broke two myths. The first is that Homeopathy is a long term therapy and second is chronic diseases in elderly patients are not curable.

About the Author:

Dr.Kavita R.Chandak BHMS, PGNIH, PG(HOM) London
MD [HOM] PHD( France)
Stood Ist Merit throughout Maharashtra in 1998.
rtory ,P.D.Jain HMC Parbhani.
International speaker and Trainer.
Delivers seminars and webinars in India as well internationally at London, America, UAE, various countries in Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Greece etc.
Has won the “Best Thesis” ‘and First Rank’ in PG HOM London.
Her book HEALTH Vs DISEASE released in America ,available at Amazon kindle.
She is running 2 clinics at Nagpur and a web clinic since 18 yrs.
Speciality- Autism,Infertility,Cancer, Allergic Disorders and Kidney Diseases.
Director of Padmaja Welfare Foundation NGO working for Health Awareness in society.
Received lot of prestigious awards for her Medico Social contribution towards society.
Published many articles in very reputed News Papers and different magazines.
Documentry made on her by Nagpur Doordarshan(TV)in 2010.
Youtube- Dr. Kavita Chandak


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