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Suicidal attempts caused by allergic rhinitis

Suicidal attempts caused by allergic rhinitis


History of surgery of dentigerous cyst and left maxillary sinus in March 18

One year nothing happen to him, from March 19 again started sinus and allergic rhinitis

Came to me after reading my cured case article from social media.

Since March 19, he has continued on allopathic medication. He takes antiallergic  meds daily, but the problem remains.


Every day watery discharge until noon, sneezing every morning, discharge is only reduced with the allopathic medicine. The situation is the same every day.


Patient on call: exact 5 PM he called me and was hesitant to answer my any questions, so I asked him me call me when no one is near to listen to him

Than after one hour he called me at exact 6 PM.

Patient version – I am having allergic rhinitis since more than one year now, I am taking Medicine everyday.  I can’t even sleep up to 4 AM in the morning after that I have to take pills to sleep

And only then I can sleep

Why can’t you sleep?

I know that I am overthinking but …there is no hope in my life now, I have read your post and I thought this could be my last hope

Why so? You didn’t see any homeopathic teachers in your college or a doctor near by? Or any ENT follow ups?

Patient says : NO, I avoided to meet teachers as I don’t wanted that. I thought that there is no cure for this. I had an operation for this and everything changed after that. I was not like before, I am a sport person but because of this rhinitis I am not able to perform. There is always disturbance because of this. What nonsense is this? Every morning have to clean it my nose, there is much sneezing and I am fed up with all this.

So what you feel why this is all happening?

I am doing a job since when I was in second year. I didn’t like to sit in school. I wanted to do 24 hr. work, but because of COVID, everything has stopped and I am depressed now.

Why depressed? Everyone around you is locked up. You are not alone.

I tired to attempt suicide on the day when my biopsy report was awaited (2018). I had lost 16 kg in 20 days when I was admitted. I was NBM (Nothing by mouth) and that’s shattered me. I don’t have any hope, have seen lots of cancer patient. I know that I am not a courageous person so I tried to take something (he mention the name of what he drank) (note by editor: referring to suicide attempt). I felt that as I was working in a hospital it might be that I got an infection from there.

On May 20 I tried once because of this rhinitis (note by editor: referring to suicide attempt)

Life is disturbed. I don’t have any desire for life anymore. I stopped all my social gathering. I don’t want to talk to anyone or meet anyone .

Doctor: You should see someone. Promise me that you won’t do it again. Or else I will inform your parents and the college. You have to give me this in writing, otherwise I will share it, and everyone will know that you tired this all things.

Patient: No. Noone knows. I didn’t tell anyone. I don’t like to discussed my personal life with anyone. When I am with my friends I pretend and behave normally.

I am very punctual with all my duties. I pass all my exams in the every first attempt. I do all my studying before any exams. I am very particular about my timings for sports practise. I call my parents everyday for half an hour. I stopped myself, for my parents only, but on the inside I don’t want live with this boring rhinitis .

Doctor: You are a sport person you know how sport persons should be?

Patient: I also don’t know how I am became like this? I was not at all a negative person. I was up to all things, but after the surgery, I lost my confidence. I just want to do my work again and overcome this thinking.

There is also a mark on my face, I don’t like it, because of this I may also be avoiding many things.

Aurum met: 200 Three Dose in Water

The patients everyday symptoms reduced within three months. He is free from all allopathic medicine. He started his routine, he could sleep without sleeping pills, and is preparing for his exams with a smile

Rubric selection and Analysis of the case



Sadness: sleeplessness, with

Hopeless: feeling, recovery from; disease (murphy)

Sadness: Disease, about

Ennui; Boredom

Depression: sadness, Disease about (murphy)


Fear: suffering of

Confidence want of self

Suicide: Disposition to commit

Sadness: Diverted from thought of himself, desires to be (3 med Aur, Camph, Irid met)

Suicidal disposition: Prepares himself silently:

Aurum met: 200 Three Dose in Water

Key notes of Aurum met: – Acute mental depression, hopelessness and loss of love of life, great desire to commit suicide. Talks of committing suicide. Great fear of death. Relieved by thought of suicide. Suicidal impulses by jumping from a height.

Feeling of self-condemnation and utter worthlessness

Fear of failure


Heart disease

Brooding, melancholy alternating with irritability and moroseness

Person having no confidence in himself, thinks he cannot succeed at anything, pessimistic

Dutybound, workaholic, industrious, always busy and working, never finished. Ambition, wants to be the best.

Despair or violent from pain

Retrospective study:-

Death:Desires:Alternating with: Laughing:

Death:Desires:Hypochondriasis, in:

Death:Desires:Hysteria, in:

Death:Desires:Prolapse or hardening of uterus, in:

Death: Thoughts of: Joy, give him:

Suicidal disposition: Abortion, in threatening:

Suicidal disposition: Delivery, parturition, during:

Suicidal disposition: Love disappointment, from: Weeping, with:

Suicidal disposition: Praying for help:

Suicidal disposition: Pregnancy, in:

Suicidal disposition: Prepares himself silently:

Suicidal disposition: Banging head in, by:

Suicidal disposition: Speeding, by:

Suicidal disposition: Throwing oneself from: Windows: Moon, full, agg.:

Death, general: Conviction, of :

Death, general: Desires, death, (see Loathing, Suicidal) :

Death, general: Desires, death, (see Loathing, Suicidal) :Alternating, with: Laughing :

Death, general: Desires, death, (see Loathing, Suicidal) :Convalescence, during :

Death, general: Desires, death, (see Loathing, Suicidal) :Despair, from :

Death, general: Desires, death, (see Loathing, Suicidal) :Evening :

Death, general: Desires, death, (see Loathing, Suicidal) :Meditates on easiest way of self-destruction

Death, general: Presentiment, of death :Thinks of death calmly :

Death, general: Thoughts, of death :

Death, general: Thoughts, of death: Night :

Cheerful, feelings, (see Euphoria) :Death, while thinking of :

Death, general: Thoughts, of Death: Joy, give him :

SUICIDAL: Evening:

SUICIDAL: Anxiety, from:

SUICIDAL: Drowning, by:

SUICIDAL: Hanging, by:

SUICIDAL: Pains, from:

SUICIDAL: Perspiration, during:

SUICIDAL: Pregnancy, during:

SUICIDAL: Thoughts:

SUICIDAL: Throwing himself: From a height:

SUICIDAL: Throwing himself: Windows, from:

SUICIDAL: Throwing himself: Windows, from: Pain:

AURUM THINKS HE HAS THE CAPACITY to work well. He himself does not have the CONFIDENCE and the conviction that he really is that capable

Gold will remain a lump of shining metal till some copper is added in it and only then can it take the shape of something enticing with worth

Lack of confidence brings fear of failure

The most interesting aspect of Aurum here is that in spite of his severe mental depression about his own worthlessness, he can bounce back into his own cheerful state because he does not lose hope so easily.

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DrVrushali K Pandya. 
Homeopath & Counsellor @Healers Homeopathic Healing (Pune, India)
BHMS, Diploma in Counselling (Black ford U.K) 
MBA Healthcare & certified Clinical Research. 
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