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Mid-Winter 2021 - A new lease of life




** Thursday 4th – Friday 5th February + Thursday 18th – Friday 19th February 2021**

In these first webinars in our 2021 series, we shall begin with a review of the foundation of the Human Chemistry – Integrated Healing method, from a fresh angle and explaining the new brand name. We shall again be including the importance of the patient’s timeline in case-taking. The first topic will be the treatment of pain; then flu and the treatment of the lingering effects of viral diseases. We shall then study kidney and adrenal conditions in some depth. In the second webinar we shall include releasing patients from addiction, and the treatment of auto-immune diseases, among other topics. Once again there will be a focus on Hormones and Neurotransmitters, teaching us the biochemistry of these substances, the pathologies that can result from imbalances in our bodies as well as their use as new remedies.

Ton will again show how to use blood analysis to see what needs to be balanced and treated in our patients. He will demonstrate

– links he has found between more blood markers and diseases

– more on how to resolve vitamin and mineral imbalances using remedy courses and supplements.

If there is any topic or disease you would like him to cover relevant to hormones and neurotransmitters, please let us know as soon as possible!

We shall fit in some cases (new and follow-up), from among those attending (not patients from outside).

The webinars will be as interactive as possible (and also secure), as by using Zoom for Webinar the presenter can see the faces of those attending. Questions can be asked via the chat facility at question times.

We shall keep to the same hours as in December: (BST) 1100-1215 then lunch or breakfast break; 1315-1430 then break; 1445-1600 then break; 1615-1730 finish. It is not possible to select a timing that is ideal for everywhere in the world – this starting-time is still early for the Americas, with the last two sessions a little late for India but extremely late for Aus/NZ! If there are equal numbers from the Americas and Australasia we may start one day earlier and one day later – so let’s have lots of you from ‘down under’! There will be a recording available after the events, to watch but not to download – but subject to the rules of confidentiality.

There may still be people attending who will be new to Ton’s system. So please note: **it’s very advisable you have studied the book ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’ by Ton Jansen before the seminar.** This book is available to buy from

A certificate of attendance, showing hours attended for CPD purposes, will be awarded to those who are attending the event.

The fee for the two February webinars booked together will be £180 (sterling/GBP), reduced to £160 for those who also attended in December. Ton is unlikely to be able to resume his visits to other countries for quite some time, so please take this opportunity of studying with Ton from your own home!

Any questions? – please contact Roger Savage on

In 2019 Ton released his second book called FINDING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE FOREST OF SYMPTOMS, full of the materia medica of plant remedies, with case histories and beautiful photos of the plants.

It’s available to buy now via Ton’s website – – from the publisher

And in the first part of 2021 Ton will be publishing the first part of his new book Human Chemistry – we will tell you when it’s available, but the text is finished so it will be ready soon! Facebook Link

Payment details for Ton Jansen’s February 2021 Webinars

NB – date change!!

There are two slightly different payment protocols, depending on where you’re paying from:

Sterling Area

The fees are: £180 for both February events together if you are a ‘newcomer’. This is reduced to £160 if you also attended in December 2020. If you can attend only one event, for newcomers the fee is £120 and for those who attended in December £100.

Payee account details

Please pay by bank transfer (preferably not Paypal) to –

Cahoot (Santander) – Sort-code 09-06-43; a/c no 16271633; (a/c name) Mr Roger B Savage

If you need to pay by Paypal – to Roger Savage, linked email – the fee is £185 to cover Paypal’s fee.

When making the payment, please of you can do identify yourself by your own name, not a clinic or business name – I need to know who’s paid otherwise you may not be admitted to the webinar! And then email when you pay and tell me if you had to use other than your own name plus give any reference number you have!


All Other Currencies

The fees are: For booking January and February webinars together the price is £180 (€210, $US260), reduced to £160 (€190, $US230) if you also attended in December.

If you can attend only one event, for newcomers the fee is £120 (€140, $US170) and for those who attended in December £100 (€120, $US 145). These charges cover Paypal’s fees and currency conversions.

Payee account details

Please pay by bank transfer if you can (or Transferwise) – to Cahoot (Santander): Sort-code 09-06-43; a/c 16271633; name Mr Roger B Savage

Identifiers: BIC/Swift: ABBYGB2LXXX IBAN: GB04ABBY09064316271633

You may need to give the bank address: Santander UK, Bridle Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L30 4GB UK

You may also need to give my address: 26 Winstanley Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3EQ UK and my mobile number +44 7889 989398

Please identify yourself by your own name, not a clinic or business name, and email me on to tell me you’ve paid.

2) if you cannot do a bank transfer (eg you are in USA) you can use Paypal – (identifier) Roger Savage – (linked to) email . Please pay fee as above.

When setting up the Paypal payment from Ireland or Australia/New Zealand/Canada please if you can select the target currency as GBP on the right of the Paypal ‘pad’ that comes up in the app on your mobile phone (picture below), and indicate you want to send £180 GBP (or £160 GBP if you also attended in December 2020), as in this screenshot somebody made for me:

For Paypal payment too, please do identify yourself by your own name, and email to tell me you’ve paid, so I can keep track of you by name – last time I had real difficulties identifying several payments! 

About Ton Jansen:

I have been a homeopath for 35 years, but I gradually became dissatisfied with the quality of my results. A lot of patients relapsed after some time, or else it was really difficult to get a remedy to work. So when I studied these cases I found they had a history of quite a lot of medication or else reactions to various vaccinations. I realised these factors were what Hahnemann in the Organon called ‘obstacles to cure’. I found that by giving these medications or vaccines in potency I could reduce their damaging effect, but it was only when I gave them in potencies ascending from 30 to 10M that their effects were removed. Then the indicated remedy worked – and I am not limited to the well-known remedies as I now have knowledge of a very wide range of remedies from all kingdoms. Later I realised that their organ systems or hormones and neurotransmitters needed balancing, so this has added another dimension to my work. And I assess my results by reading patients’ blood tests, which may also indicate the need for orthomolecular supplements and diet and lifestyle changes.



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