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Homeopathy for Psoriasis

Homeopathy for Psoriasis

Patient: – 38 yrs. old male.

Presentation: – Pustular Psoriasis (leg, arms few on back) since 8 yrs. 



Psoriasis: – Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin, these skin patches are typically red patchy and scaly

There are five main types of psoriasis: plaque, guttation, inverse, erythrodermic, pustular 


Pustular psoriasis can be localized, commonly to the hands and feet or generalized with widespread patches occurring randomly on any part of the body. 



Symptoms: – itching burning scaling silver patches 

Diagnosis: – localised and generalised pustular psoriasis 



Conventional Management: – common practise of topical corticosteroids and UV phototherapy, natural sunlight and Vit D course. 


Homeopathic Management: – with single dose of a miracle drop 


Here is case taking and rubric selection on the feelings of patient, the mental state of patient,  how he talk what he feels about his condition, the analysis of the case and the selection of the similimum and the potency


Duration: – span of recovery is 1.5yrs  



(Patient conversation with doctor) 

Doctor: – Anything bothering you in your routine life?? Which is quite continuous in your mind?? 

Patient version:- No I have to do work, it’s my only thing. I am very much focused for my work, make no compromise for targets, I don’t have botheration for it, but I do whatever is needed. 

Doctor: – but why you want to do it continuously? Is rest not important for you?


Patient: – No I really don’t want to get distracted, I have to keep my speed and my pace

Doctor: – Why?? 


Patient: – I want to do something great for my family, I know my capacity and knowledge, I want to utilised it fully and I know where and how to apply it 

Doctor: – is it for money matter? Or financial security? As you didn’t get time to visit doctor and medicine?? 


Patient: – Yes, Money is important for my business, but I am not doing anything wrong for success, I never miss-used my position or my power,  I never go beyond my morals, it’s my dedication to work and I am doing only that 


Ethically I balanced my morals 


If I get aggressive on my employee, I make them comfortable (later) and understands their needs and lacking points. I make them smile again

Doctor: – How is sleep? 


Patient: – there are many sleepless nights, but it doesn’t affect my routine work. I do my planning at night, make points in diary. It’s important for my business 

Doctor: – Anything else you want to share? 


Patient: – Nothing 

Doctor:-These scale and patches everywhere on your body what you feel about this?? 



Patient: – Ohh I am really least bothered about all these things. I hardly get time for my meals and sleep; (he took pause here, like he was thinking)…. sometimes I feel I am not the same person I used to be maybe. I am more black than previously. I really don’t give any thought to this, but I feel maybe I did wrong to myself, that it’s my mistake. I have to take care of myself, for this, I am responsible for all these rashes.





Rubric selection: – 



Repertory: – (Murphy,complete)  


Workaholic industrious overwork 

1) MIND; Business talk of 

2) MIND; Anxiety business about 

3) MIND: Absorbed

4) MIND; Theorising

5) MIND; Philosopher, a ragged

6) MIND; Cares, worries full of others about 

7) MIND; Indifference (apathy) appearance: about, personal 

8) MIND: Delusion, black he is 

9) MIND: Delusion great person he is 

10) MIND: Ambitious 

11) MIND :Fastidious


Medicine: Sulphur 30  



First dose:- Sulphur 19 feb 18 

Some improvement in March 18 



Second dose: Sulphur 200 in dec 18 



Third dose: Sulphur 1M Feb 19

Since July 19 completely cured autoimmune Psoriasis 

Selection of similimum based on mind method ( Revolutionary Homeopathy) 




About: – Sulphur 



There is constant effort and struggle to be someone, to earn respect. The struggle is for ego and honour. In the Sulphur patient, there is the desire for business, the desire to make money and to be financially sound.

They become indifferent to their appearance or they make lot of effort to appear clean. 

The patient feels he is expected to be good in relationships and they are caring (reference book: – Souls of remedies Dr. Rajan Shankaran).



Case analysis: – The patient is a workaholic by nature and wants to continue work without any rest. We can see he is ambitious, but sort of obsessed too. As he forgot to take treatment, we can find frivolousness and indifference to his own health, but he feels it’s his mistake and he is not blaming anyone for it. In the work environment he is following his ethics and wants to achieve something through constant struggle. He has the delusion he is poor so he makes lots of efforts to overcome that.


We can see positivity and hopefulness too. He is often theorising, making plans for the business, writes in his diary.


When we find one shade of personality we can reach the similimum and with help of proper case taking and art of follow up and selection of potency we can help to cure the patient.


DD: – Nux Vomica : was coming up while case taking. 

Common rubric ; business, talk of, anxiety business of, fastidious, passionate, ambitious. But we have to differentiate it with the help of the patient’s conversation. This patient was taking care of others and was guiding himself with his personal ethics. He was a philosopher. 



About the Author:

Dr.Vrushali K Pandya 

Healers Homeopathic Healing 

Practising Homeopathy and counselling 

(B.H.M.S )MUSH Nashik 

Diploma in Counselling (Blackford U.K) 

Certification in Clinical Research

(Distance learning of Symbiosis University of science) 

Certification in BLS, ACLS 



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  1. Nice. verry good.. treat..ment.

    Posted by Tsubbarao | 25/10/2020, 6:31 AM
  2. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease which can be treated very well with diet. Nice article thank you very much

    Posted by healwithdietorg | 11/11/2020, 1:53 PM

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