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In March a colleague told me that she had just found out about a Homeopathic pharmacy that had acquired the discharge from a COVID-19 patient and had produced the Homeopathic remedy from it. I ordered a 1M and a 10M potency. The order was not an easy transaction. The only contact was by email. I could not find the remedy listed and had to contact them for the specifics.  When the remedy actually arrived a month later I saw that the name was not what I had ordered, but Novus-CV.


After emailing back and forth again, more than a week later and some more investigation, I understood that the company had changed the name.  All understandable, as we know that there are forces that would like to dispense with us into the trash bin of history and this company was mitigating its exposure. However, I had never ordered from them before and was a bit hesitant to try this remedy on patients, not really knowing if I could trust, or understand, the scope of the medicine.


Being a habitual remedy popper and experimenting remedy-aholic I decided to see what the remedy was capable of firsthand.  I asked Hannah if she would like to join me in the experiment.  She did not hesitate and so we proceeded. She sat in her car, in my driveway, and I sat in the passenger side of my car, so that we were social distancing.  We took the two potencies together and started to write our symptoms down as they appeared.  After a few hours we bid each other good night and continued to document our proving symptoms separately.


I am not the ideal prover.  I have conditions for which I am very susceptible

to the virus. Having said that, I am very sensitive and the symptoms were very clear and perceptible.  In the second day of the proving I was worried about whether the symptoms I was experiencing were really a flu or just those of the proving.  I decided to end the proving, just in case. Hannah continued.

Here is our proving experiment.




At 6:26 pm – COVID-19 1M. 2 pellets 1 dose
At 6:28 pm – COVID-19 10M 2 pellets 1 dose



Person 1:


Within 5 min:

– dizzy
– pressure in the head
– starry (blank) mind
– pressure and congestion in my frontal sinuses area
– heat in my throat
– heavy eyes… —> pressure on my lids
– can’t get breath deep enough
– dry mouth
– deep dry cough – productive dry cough
– urge to cough
– heat travelling from trachea to sternum, felt like a water brush
– increased salivation
– my L eye is bigger than my R eye
– delusions that I threw up ( i saw it in my mind)
– state of quiet —> BLANK
– At 9:58 pm
– congestion drips into my nose…
– pain in the throat
– feels like i can’t swallow and the space in my throat is closing

– heat in my chest
– i feel cold and hot
– extremities are cold
– heat from within flushing
– heat from my head… fever
– gasping for air
– need to cough
– I took a hot shower and went to bed around midnight
– Woke up at 2:15 am
– coughing
– sore throat and pain… sharp as if blades poking and irritating
– dry cough
– fever
– i feel like i have an asthma… i am wheezing, can’t get a deep breath
– i feel like i want to sleep but can’t
– pain in the sternum….
– I guess, i was able to fall asleep


Person 2:


within a few minutes:

– pressure in head
– feeling congestion in head going down to throat and to chest
– dizzy and light headed when walking
– congestion in chest getting intense
– increased salivation
– I thinking that it doesn’t feel like it would have the intense energy of the
actual covid-19
– heaviness in chest
– heat in chest
– feeling tightness in throat but strange, not sure, feels like it’s my thyroid
– fingers ache for a few minutes
– right eye is much bigger than left eye, very scary, thinking I hope this
goes away when the proving ends
– feeling in a state of quietude, like I’m stoned
– neck a little stiff
– exterior of my body is cold but the interior is hot
– feel a pain in the left side of my chest
– I don’t want to do anything, quite unlike me

– congestion in the occipital area
– headache on the left side
– feeling uneasy with sensation of heat in the abdomen
– headache with neck ache and stiffness
– taking breaths but feel that they are shallow breaths, not breathing fully
– feel very hot in head and chest
– 7:25 eructations
– eyes look glazed
– feeling chilled
– watched tv and went to bed




Person 1:


Woke up at 9ish am – didn’t hear my alarm
– pain in the sternum with unproductive cough
– teeth feeling sensitive to water
– teeth feeling Ike a cotton…
– yawning a lot (lack of oxygen)
– heat is travelling from my chest to my stomach, my hands are cold
– i want to go to sleep
– i can’t get up, i feel sick….
– vivid scary dreams… but i can’t call them…. they were scary
Woke up around noon
– sharp pain in my heart
– sharp pain in my chest
– teeth hurting when drinking water, pain at the root of the gums…
– delusions my teeth are not mine
– swearing at myself in my mind
– 7:27 pm craving for coffee
– starving
– craving for steak
– eyes heavy
– can’t think or concentrate
– eyes look glazed
– went to bed around minding
– feeling exhausted

– can’t lay down … coughing violently
– pressure in the chest… as if massive weight was preventing me from
– feeling of suffocation
– called my friend and told her to sleep with her phone near by, I may not
make it
– delusions I will die (not a fear)
– unable to breath… meditating to calm myself down… remembering this is
only a proving….
– I was able to fall asleep


Person 2:


– feeling a little congested after waking up
– stayed in bed for a while reading through Facebook and news
– feel like I’m just not 100%
– didn’t make my bed this morning
– don’t feel like taking a shower
– dressed to get on the bike but thinking I’ll do that later
– a little achy
– feeling lethargic
– worried about my husband who insists on going out shopping so I give
him a dose of the COVID-19 before he leaves.
– worried that I’m really getting sick with the flu, that gelsemium flu-like
feeling of achy, dullness that leads you slowly into bed.
– don’t want to go into my home office or into my art studio
– don’t want to get on the bike
– watching tv but not really concentrating
– really not hungry, nibbling, just drinking coffee, tea or lemon water
– at 7:10pm I took gelsemium 30ch for the symptoms I was experiencing to
end the proving




Person 1:


– Woke up in a panic around 4:30 I had a nightmare
– i was freezing cold… got up, felt thirsty… went to the kitchen had a 2
glasses of water
– I was able to fall asleep

– woke up around 10 am
– missed my alarm
– felt upset and angry … grasping for air
– hard time to focus… coughing
– wheezing… can’t exercise, went on a trade mill and a bike <- couldn’t
achieve my usual exercise… can’t get a breath, easily exhausted
– hard time concentrating
– mental breakdown, crying, yelling and screaming at everyone ( really over
– calm composure gone… i feel like a freak
– i am loosing mentally on everyone including myself
– swearing more than usual… mainly in my head
– depression… like in a grey weather…. feeling as there is no future
– Went to bed around midnight….
– panicking .. i wan’t able to breath…
– pressure and pain in the chest was indescribable ….


Repertorized my symptoms:
– i took ozone 1 M 2 doses… within 10-15 min i was able to freely breath…
– I went to sleep at 3 am… no pain and no pains in my chest area…
– breathing normal






About the Authors:


Marilyn Freedman, Hom

Marilyn Freedman is a Toronto based, regulated Homeopath, and a member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, in practice since 2004. In addition to her private practice, Marilyn has held various positions for the regulator since 2015 and has provided mentorship, supervision, and assessments for homeopaths wishing to practice in Ontario. Throughout her career in homeopathy Marilyn has facilitated continuing homeopathic seminars and webinars.  She was Director of Studies in the online School of Gemmotherapy. She has published cases in peer reviewed magazines. She was on the board of the Ontario Homeopathic Association and is now a member of the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association.

At present Marilyn is Director of Business Development in Homeopathy World Community. She is also a host for HWC’s monthly virtual Coffee, Tea & Cocktails get togethers as well as the monthly virtual art sessions for homeopaths.

Marilyn Freedman, HOM
Toronto Homeopathic Office
102 Brookview Drive
Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 2K6

Phone: 416.823.7918
Fax: 416.785.7524


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Hannah Shalom DCHM (Hon),FCHM, Reg.Homeopath, Rs Hom (NA)

Hannah is a Classical Homeopath who thrives on difficult and complicated cases which require astute observation, investigation and research. Her passion is to discover ways to improve the quality of a person’s life as it relates to health, wellness and vitality. Fortunately, her training in Business Development, Leadership, Professional Coaching, Western Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Herbology, provides a solid foundation to pursue her passion.

Being passionately curious, Hannah possesses an investigative mindset which she inventively puts into practice for her most complicated cases. She is keenly interested in oncology and pathology and applies an integrative approach through a classical lens, combining multiple strategies and perspectives, current scientific discovery, and innovative homeopathic methodologies, with integrity.

Hannah is the Founder and CEO of Research Foundation for Homeopathy and Lifestyle Integrity, Owner and CEO of Homeopathic Family Practice and Director of Public Affairs for Homeopathy World Community. She treats patients from around the world and is enthusiastic about building a global community of professional colleagues possessing diverse life and professional experience, skill sets and expertise, who collectively collaborate on difficult cases with a sincere desire to improve the quality of life for all. Collaboration with colleagues is the key to finding ingenious solutions.

Hannah Shalom, DCHM (Hon), FCHM, HOMEOPATH, Rs Hom (NA)  


Pure, Simple and Amazing Inc – Homeopathic Family Practice and Other Therapies






  1. Thank you for starting the ball on this proving. One more nosode for our tool kit. We should know what it can cure!

    Posted by Manon Larose | 16/10/2020, 8:58 PM
  2. What could be the possible authenticity of the appeared proving symptoms when the so called provers knew about the proving medicine?
    I believe to avoid such confusion Double blind RCT s are done for proper proving symptoms starting from lower potencies.
    Also why repertorisation was done of the appeared symptoms? Is that even homoeopathic in approach?

    Posted by Garimaa Verma | 18/10/2020, 4:46 AM
  3. Dear Brave Homeopaths,
    I am still a trainee homeopath in London, but I have known homeopathy for over 10 years.
    I would like to confirm that many of your observations seem to coincide with my ‘real’ infection of Covid-19. I had been ill for over 2 weeks and with a similar experimental approach to yours I have treated myself. My focus was on the physicals and on remedies but your descriptions are really close to what I had to face psychologically as well as physically. As I was reading your Your proving write up I felt it is complementary to my own case which I have shared here via a link.
    Thank you so much for your work. I will share it with my fellows.
    I wish you all the best!
    Yours faithfully,

    Posted by Patrik Bodo | 26/10/2020, 10:08 PM
  4. How do we get the nosode for long term covid suffering

    Posted by Janeen Tayfield Hirson | 18/09/2021, 6:46 AM

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