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Editorial – Autumn 2020


Editorial – Autumn 2020





Dear Readers,



With the persistent care that we as practitioners extend towards our patients on a daily basis in our practice, we are passing on not only advice on treatment for their ailments and discomforts, but are sharing a lot more that goes unseen and often times unnoticed.


If we are doing a good job our patients will realize this ‘supplemental’ gift they are being given and it will help them grow. It will help them grow out of their disequilibrium, out of their impairment of health, and into recovery.


…and while we are being taught at universities, colleges and schools, that we must not invest, beyond what we are able to give and need only to provide, we are frequently too deeply immersed in and with our patients concerns.


It’s the big word ‘Empathy’, that is our guiding line in what we do. Be empathetic, but never sympathetic, carry that patient practitioner space for the patient so that he or she can find the comfort there that will facilitate the therapeutic encounter, the sensitive union that allows the patient to open up and share what ails and troubles him or her.


But what about us? We are giving so much more than our time and a remedy to the patient. We are giving our empathy, and our sympathy too, as we cannot get out of our skin, and ‘feel with’ our patients to a more or lesser extent. But we also give a lot of our energy!


At the end of the day when we leave our designated clinic space and go home, we too, the facilitators of the therapeutic union, can feel drained. Our profession, in an industry of ‘care’, in a society that ever increasingly requires more of such ‘care’, is prone to practitioner depletion and transferred or shared ‘feeling’.


Can you claim that you are never touched more than emphatically permissible by patients case-histories? Can you, do you leave behind all that you have heard and experienced when you leave your clinic after a days work?


According to our professional education, we should ‘flip the switch’ and be unfazed by what has been shared with us. Some of us are, without doubt, pretty good at this, others so to a lesser extent. So what can and should we do, to let go of that ‘baggage’? What can we do for us, for ourselves? How can we, must we protect ourselves?

What self-care are we conducting? How are we ‘recharging our batteries’ and taking care of ourselves? Too often, self-care of the practitioner is not prioritized, but this is so very important. We too must be able to maintain the equilibrium within, or else we stumble, and may find it difficult to get back up again. Only with our energy levels charged are we able to function properly and continuously, without burning out under the burden of our practice.


Mindfulness can help improve overall well-being. It incorporates being fully present, reflective and highly aware of the environment. Mindfulness can be cultivated by practicing yoga, meditation, simply taking a ‘break’ or doing sports.

Being mindful, helps gain insights, heightens awareness and observational skills pertaining to the self, instills calm and kindness and hence reduces stress, and promotes resilience.


Gratitude can somewhat be related to mindfulness, because being grateful simultaneously is a mindful act. It diverts from negative emotions and thoughts and instills happier ones. Getting into the habit of appreciating the simple, the good and positive things in life can have a permanent effect. The mind learns to react more to positive cues than negative, and hence this helps create a greater overall happiness.


Spirituality is another form of applied self-care and mindfulness. In faith many of the core values that we adhere to and live by are united. Hence being spiritually rooted can assist at releasing stress and worry associated with the care of patients.


It is a rewarding task to be able to help patients in need, and at the same time it may have a burden on the care-giver. So, take care of’s as they say: You cannot pour from an empty cup!


Remember you!



A bit off topic, but without doubt an issue that too can benefit of ‘self-care’, on side of the patient, their relatives and on side of the care-provider, is what I would like to draw your attention to here.


The People’s Opioid Summit 2020 is coming up, and if you are someone, or know of someone that is struggling with opioid addiction, or if you would like to know more about Opioid Use Disorder then you should not miss this event.


There is no need to feel or struggle alone. There is help available to assist you at reclaiming your life. If your life has been impacted, or you and your family have been struggling through and with an Opioid Use Disorder, then it’s time to step out of the shadow and back into the light.


At The People’s Opioid Summit you can find support and acceptance. You can hear from people that have been where you are now, and have managed to get out of the nightmare that is this addiction. You can hear from experts about where you can get help and what resources are available to you. You can get your urgent questions answered. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!



This summit is for the patient, the family members of patients, the therapists and practitioners, the carers and anyone of the medical community interested in learn about Opioid Use Disorder.




The People’s Opioid Summit

When: Fri, Oct 9, 2020, 8AM ET –


Price: (early bird) US 20$




To find out more about The People’s Opioid Summit please visit:

To register please follow this link:

and to follow the summit on FB, please like:



In this current issue, the ‘Winter 2020’ issue, we are bringing you some amazing articles and case-studies. We hope you find them interesting and insightful.


Similapuncture – Homeopathy to the point


A Case study of Paranoid Schizophrenia: Homeopathy is saviour!!


Homeopathy for Psoriasis



If you would like to get published in one of our upcoming issues please do get in touch. The next issue to go live on December 1st 2020 will feature the topic: ‘Miasms – Influence, character and case resolution’.


If you would like to get your case, research or article published in that issue please share your submission by November 15th to: cleverh.themag(at)



Happy reading and have a joyous autumn.




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