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Mid-Summer 2020 - Childbirth, Children & Parents

Editorial – Mid-Summer 2020

Editorial – Mid-Summer 2020



Dear Readers,


Hoping this finds you well in all the conundrum and havoc that is currently going on in the world, I am happy to be bringing to you in this issue the following articles:


A bowel nosode for eczema? Yes!

A Case of Placenta: ‘I have lost my tether’.





I would also like to share a phenomenal resolution of an acute aggravation in a patient with sleep-apnoe.


The patient is a long-time CPAP user for his condition. He got in touch after a night of acute worsening of symptoms that were confirmed by measurements and machine readings. The blood pressure of the patient was elevated and his respiratory readings had risen highly beyond the normal. He explained that he woke at night feeling near to death. He could hardly explain how he felt, saying that ‘he did not know’. Weakness, a weird head, anxiety about the heart, difficulty breathing, and the feeling of being ‘near death’ were the sole markers he could point me to. An exploration of the ‘outer’ circumstances proved helpful in the resolution of this case.


The weather conditions in the region had been extreme in the prior days. Temperatures were close to 40 degrees C., highest ozone levels were at 11 on the scale of 11.


The first remedy I immediately suggested was Aconitum. Although the previous days had see a gradual worsening of the habitual state of the patients condition, the acute worsening of symptoms was at an extreme during that night. Aconitum brought down the anxiety the patient had clearly shown. It also slightly reduced the blood pressure.


The second remedy the situation called for was Grindelia. I selected this on account of previous experience and the chronic sleep apnoe of the patient. This lead to improved breathing and subsequently better CPAP readings.


After a two days the patient was given Vanadium. This lead to below normal CPAP readings and a significant drop in blood pressure to normal.


Reduced oxygen uptake may have been a factor leading to the acute crisis for this patient. The elevated ozone levels, and reduced oxygen availability in the atmosphere may have created the respiratory difficulties and hence the elevated readings of respiratory pattern measured with the CPAP equipment. Consequential to this an increase in blood pressure and anxiety may have evolved.


Grindelia acts on the pulmonary circulation. It has the symptom of arrested breathing during sleep, there is the feeling of suffocation, gasping for air and waking from sleep with a start.


According to our materia medica the action of Vanadium is that of an oxygen carrier that can facilitate an increase in hemoglobin in the blood. It has heart symptoms such as the feeling of anxious pressure on the chest and heart. 





The upcoming issue of CLEVER H. is a ‘miscellaneous’ one, anything around health, wellness, CAM and homeopathy is welcome. If you have a case or story to share, please do get in touch. Deadline is the 15th of September.


Wishing you a healthy summer. Stay safe and virus free!

Best wishes





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