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A bowel nosode for eczema? Yes!

A bowel nosode for eczema? Yes!



I saw this client back in 2018 and her case was such a game changer for me. At the time I was seeing clients with mild eczema and seeing good results but I was not using Bowel Nosodes.

Not long before I saw this client I had done a Bowel Nosode training course. It revolutionised and skewed my practice and my results. My clinic now gets most enquiries around skin issues and this is reflected in my Google reviews.

This was one of my first skin enquiries using Bowel Nosode Morgan Bach.

My client is a woman. 40 years old. Her family history only includes mild eczema (sister) and dry sensitive (unproblematic) skin.

As soon as we started talking she started crying.



Then – Long history of blistery eczema from childhood on and off. It went away altogether in her pregnancies – it reappeared ‘with a vengeance’ after pregnancy no.1 and only on her hands after pregnancy no.2.

Now – 4 months ago a small patch appeared on her neck. Then it spread aggressively to face and chest and by the time we met it was still spreading and had reached her hands including her palms.

Her GP visit had resulted in a steroid cream prescription which she had used 2.5 months before. The lack of improvement led to a referral to a dermatologist appointment. She was coming to me as a last resort before that appointment.

Her skin was causing her great anxiety, stress and embarrassment. She was very emotional talking about it. She saw me mid summer dressed in a large brimmed hat, long sleeved top and long skirt.

She was developing increased food allergies which led to swelling around eyes, tight ‘Botoxed looking’ peeling skin. No history of this.

Her bowels opened once/day. Urination was normal.

Not refreshed from sleep.

Important to her to prove herself to her father.

Control of her life is vital. It minimises worry.

She likes to do her best for her self and for others.

Relationship issues past 6 months. Issues with her father.




Super red, super sensitive puffy skin. Much < sunshine. The affected areas of her skin looked at worst like baked flaked almonds.

Skin weeps a viscous clear liquid when it flares. Which it does very very regularly and suddenly.

< avocado, courgette, cucumber

< touch

< sun ++++

< and > scratching. Could scratch til she bleeds

> cold water (also > if she had water too hot as it provided temporary relief)

When she was itchy she could scratch til she bled. She wants to peel her skin off and has a sense of formication.

Skin hot to touch particularly on her chest.

Skin very very dry each morning – flaking and split across her neck.

Symptoms intensifying over time.

Stress a big trigger. Very stressed by her skin.




Has stopped drinking alcohol.

Very thirsty and drinks lots of water

HO of OCP use. Been using copper coil for past 3 years. Menses last 9 days with no pain.

Controlling – “my way or the high way”

mourning loss of father I never had” following a big upset with him




Elements of Graph, Petr, Carc and Sulphur present. The Nat-M connection of emotions and skin was there too.

But her symptoms read like the MM of Morgan Bach! I wanted to start with a bowel nosode initially for one month and then suspected Sulph would emerge more clearly.

I reckoned she could manage a daily nosode because of the family history, her long history and also the sheer energy of her skin – regular and strong flares undaunted by steroids. The intensity of her emotions around her skin too was very strong.




MORG B 30c. One/day for 21 days.

EMAIL CONTACT. Four days after starting the remedy her skin became progressively worse. Neck weeping yellow pus, covered in thick flakes of skin. Face puffed up. Feeling feverish. She went to GP and was given one week of ABs.

I advised that she take the Rx in water, take probiotics and stay in touch. I had never known Bowel Nosodes to aggravate before this.

4 days later, another email. Skin improving. Less itchy.

Considering Nat M (emotions, skin), Graph (yellow ooze, thickened skin) or Carc for next prescription.




Felt awful at family event. Felt everyone was looking at her “looking vile”. Stayed 45 mins.

One flare each week since first consultation. Each one shorter than the previous one, affecting less of her body and less itchy.

This is the longest she has gone without a flare. Can move her neck now without pain.

Last flare was 10 days ago. Disappeared in 48 hours. Looked like sunburn but not all over her as previously.

Big improvement as usually flares lasted longer and affected more of her body.

CARC seems well indicated. Massive issues over control and avoiding the unexpected. Wants to get things right – means doing it herself.


MORG B 30c. One/day for 21 days. Despite the aggravation, felt appropriate to repeat as her skin had ameliorated so much. Client felt good about repetition too.




Skin so much better. No flares, aggravations. Steady and stable improvement.

Now only has small patch on her neck and hands. Eczema coverage reducing daily.

Skin continued to improve once she had stopped second prescription of Morg B.

She reported feeling huge relief. Feeling ‘normal’.

Now able to walk in sunshine without a hat, umbrella and long sleeves and no reaction from her skin.

Has expanded her diet and the difficult foods no longer a problem.




Client wrote in her review that her skin was continuing to improve and it was hardly noticeable that she had ever had eczema to the debilitating extent that she did.

It’s now 2 years since I have seen her and she has not reported any further issues.

This case was such a game changer as I realised two things:

1.Bowel nosodes are just remedies to be used as appropriate.

2. It is okay to repeat bowel nosodes. I had somehow taken on this idea that BNs required extra special careful and limited use.

The effect of prescribing them as I did was long term and total cure. I can’t tell you how many referrals this client has made to me.






About the author:

I am Natalie Weekes, The Bristol Homeopath.

I can be found at

I have pages on Instagram (@thebristolhomeopath) and Facebook.

My practice is based in my home where I welcome mainly women and children with enquiries around skin, anxiety and hormones. I am soon to extend my niche to pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum issues with the launch of three packages of care.

Outside of my work I am nourished by film, books, camping and walking.



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