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Editorial – Summer 2020

Editorial – Summer 2020

Dear Reader,


I could hardly believe it today, when I heard from an elderly gentleman, with whom I am only loosely aquainted with, that he had not spoken to anyone in over 60 days of his corona isolation…Is this not terrible?



When you see him in the street, there is always someone stopping to chat to him. When he sits in a cafe there is always someone there at his table, talking with him. He meets with friends for a cuppa tea or other drink, and from the distance you get the impression that he has a really good social network and whole bunch of good friends….and then,… for over 60 days he has not spoken to anyone because of covid-19 confinement.



The thing that shocked me here is, that there must be so many people out there that have made the same or similar experiences…I mean, undoubtedly he must have received some phonecalls from family during this time, and probably from friends, but what drives me round are thoughts of the many people out there that have no family, no social circle or friends…who was there for them during this time? Just imagine, not talking to anyone for such a long time…and all on account of a globally upsetting scenario of a virus spreading across our entire planet. Is this not absurd, surreal…



The impact of the extend of the imposed restrictions for many of us becomes very visual with such statements. It is unsettling that despite the fact that we are living in towns and cities, together, one apartment next, above, or below another, one house next, opposite, or behind another, there are people that have only minimal social interaction…and particularly in such times, where more than ever before such interaction is crucial, to help, to support, to safe lives even… How will we, should we, handle this pandemic if a second wave, as some predict, will sweep across the globe in autumn and winter of this year. What can we do? What should we do? What will we do? ‘I have not spoken to anyone for the past 60 days’… how long will autumn, winter and spring last, if we may have to isolate again. How long will many be without social contact then?



Perhaps we can use the summer to ‘get used to’ the new reality, but what we definitely need to do during this time is find a way to handle the consequences of a potential new wave of covid, and while doing this we should keep in mind that there are people out there that are alone and may find isolation unbareable… What can we, must we do for them? I have no patent recipe for this situation, but perhaps such stories will open our minds and hearts for a new form of being with one another, a renewed openness, a renewed care and another form of connectedness. Covid has already achieved a lot in that sense, but there are still people side-lined that have not benefitted from a new found mindfulness.



If you have created, or achieved a novel form of connecting, of reaching out during these unsettling times, of supporting people, let me know. Share what you are doing, explain how it works and I will pass the word on. I will try to spread knowledge across all channels available to me, to reach as many people as possible. It is important that we support each other as best we can in these times that are upon us!





Ignatia is a remedy more than apt for many at this unsettling time. It is a highly emotional remedy. The need for it is triggered by worry and grief, shock and disappointment. The individual is easily excited, is nervous, erratic. There is silent brooding, sadness and melancholy, sighing and sobbing. Ignatia is one of the remedies to remember at this time.



..and now to other things related to this here Summer issue 2020.



I am excited to bring this issue to you.



There are fantastic contributions by fabulous authors in this issue. The featured topic is ‘Sexuality, Fertility & Hormones’ and we have articles giving an insight into diverse approaches to related topics. I hope these articles provide an interesting read and you find them informative.



Homeopathic approach to handle sexuality, fertility and hormones.


Ode To Sepia


Your Guide To Yoni Massage


Why can’t I conceive? 5 Homeopathic Solutions To Improve Fertility


Folliculinum and Female Hormonal Imbalances


A man’s fertility case


A case of early menopause & infertility




The next issue, the Mid-Summer 2020 issue will go live on August 1st, and if you would like to have an article or case published in that upcoming issue, then please do get in touch.


I hope you have a good summer, particularly a healthy one.


Take care.







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