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The importance of Homeopathy in maintaining Womans health during Menopause

The importance of Homeopathy in maintaining Womans health during Menopause





Women play an important role in every humans life, as we have heard behind every successful man there is a woman. Health is a strong pillar for every home, city and nation. Woman’s health is an example of population health. It is very essential for woman to be strong and healthy, she has to play a lot of roles in her life which requires energy and good health.


A woman’s life consists of many milestones. The onset of first menstruation in life is called menarche. It occurs anywhere between the age of 10 years to 16 years and hormones play a vital role in womans life. The important hormones are growth hormones, estrogen and insulin.


MENOPAUSE is yet another milestone which means permanent cessation of menstruation at the end of the reproductive life due to the loss of ovarian follicular activity. It is also called the climacteric period. It is the phase of the aging process during which a women passes from the reproductive to non-reproductive stage, and marks the end of a womans fertility. The average age of menopause is from 47- 55 years.


During the menopause, the predominant hormone, estrogen, falls in its level. The lower reproductive hormones associated with menopause will increase the risk of osteoporosis (following menopause there is low density of bone mass due to the deficiency of estrogen), bone fractures and cardiovascular disease.




    • Changes in the menstrual pattern, some women may experience period every 2 to 3 weeks or period may miss for 2 to 3 months.

    • Increase in the flow of bleeding than usual.

    • Vaginal dryness and itching

    • Hot flashes and night sweats

    • Emotional changes like depression or low moods

    • Sleep disturbed or insomnia

    • Decreased sexual desire.

    • Obesity

    • Hair loss and thinning of hairs.

    • Increased anxiety and irritability

    • Urinary troubles

    • Lost of muscle tone of bladder and vagina

    • Breast fat is reabsorbed and gets shrunken

    • Skin changes




A Nutritious balanced diet must be included.

Vitamin D and calcium supplements should be suggested to make bones strong and prevent osteoporosis and fracture.

Elimination of cigarettes and alcohol.

Counseling should be given to overcome the psychological fears and depression.

Exercise and yoga, jogging

Soy protein is also found effective.

Homeopathy has an abundant of role in managing menopausal symptoms. I will give examples of few cases




This is a case of Female 49 years old came with complaint of profuse bleeding .

    • K/C/O of uterine fibroid since 6 years

    • in menopausal age.

    • She had continuous bleeding- sometimes spotting & sometimes profuse

    • Continuous profuse bleeding with rush of blood since lasts for 12 days approximately, this was happening since 2 months

    • She came with bleeding since 4 days.

    • Bleeding was bright red with lots of dark clots and lot of weakness

    • No pain with bleeding







The PQRS (peculiar, quick, rare, strange) symptom of the case is painless conditions and bleeding

And lot of weakness with all female complaints.









Bleeding stopped in 2 doses.

Condition of the patient is much better, no abnormal bleeding now.




This is a case of a Female 50 years old came with the complaint of bleeding and suffering from ovarian cyst.

      • Her periods had already stopped since 2 years

      • She came with acute complaint of bleeding since last 8 days

      • She had bleeding on & off- after her sister’s death which was a shock for her

      • Bleeding was scanty but with severe uterine colic with clots

      • Menstrual history: frequent menses before 28 days only she used to get menses again.

      • Complaint of leucorrhea after menses.



First she was prescribed considering the causation

Rx- Ignatia but it did not helped.










RX- Prescription:
Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris 30 OD for 3 days

And bleeding stopped

Medicine continued and patient is doing very well




About the Author:


Dr.Vasudha Vij, B.H.M.S, C.C.A.H graduated from Punjab. Her passion for Homeopathy brought her to Mumbai where she learned advance techniques of Homeopathy . She learned, and is working on cancer and other pathological cases. She has visited the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece, where she did a course and learned Classical Homeopathy. She is highly dedicated towards Homeopathy having a great interest in deeply understanding every patient. She has presented her cases in Bulgaria and in Spain. She runs her own practice.

Clinic- Swasthi Homeopathic Clinic

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