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A case of Panic and Anxiety treated with homeopathy

A case of Panic and Anxiety treated with homeopathy




Anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be so debilitating.  While we can all experience anxiety or feel down at some point in our lives, when it becomes the overriding emotion and it feels like an uphill struggle just to keep going, the impact on our health can be quite damaging.


I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients who have shared their stories and journeys of coping with anxiety, panic attacks and depression and it is always a privilege to be able to help.  I would like to share with you the following case.


The appointment started with Chloe* extremely distressed and crying.   She said “I keep getting these panic attacks, I can’t breathe, I have a knot in my stomach, I can’t eat, my heart is pounding, it’s like I’m having a heart attack, At night especially, I fear I am going to die.  I feel petrified. It can come on when I am driving or just sitting watching TV too. I can’t go on like this, it’s killing me.


I use to get that knot feeling when I was going out to meet friends for dinner or drinks but I don’t go out much anymore now.


Nothing makes me happy anymore. I feel tired all the time. I don’t go out, I don’t do anything. I don’t always get washed and dressed and all I really want to do is stay at home.”


She went on to share that the mornings were difficult to handle. The nausea from the anxiety would be so bad and she could get cramps too, so much so, that she could hardly get out of bed. She said the feeling in her stomach was like being petrified, like waiting for something awful to happen. The nights were terrifying with thinking she might die as the palpitations would just come out of nowhere suddenly.




The anxiety had been there for a long time, Chloe felt she was always a little anxious but nothing like now. The panic attacks which occur daily, began about 6 weeks previous on having been made redundant.  She had worked as a secretary in a local business for 15 years.


She had separated from her partner 4 years previous and she didn’t have much contact with him. She was anxious about how she was going to cope with bills and feeding two children with no work. She was dreading looking for a new job and hated the thought of interviews and new people.  She felt overwhelmed with all the responsibility.


She had lost her sister in a car accident 3 years previous and found it still very tough at times. She did cry when her sister died and still did from time to time. She always felt a little lighter after crying, that it felt like a release. She was really worried about her parents who lived nearby and spent a lot of time checking to see if they were ok.


She was a worried by nature – about her family, will they be safe, things she heard on TV, she couldn’t bear to watch the news with all the atrocities that were going on in the world.  She hated change and liked routine. When feeling really down she wants to be on her own. She felt quite empty inside, as if there was no hope.


She was dreading looking for a new job, interviews, and working with new people.  At times she felt her comprehension at work was slow and this would create even more anxiety as she over prepared so that people wouldn’t think she couldn’t do it.  Other general fears included the dark, fire and spiders.


She says she use to be happy go lucky by nature but after the break up and the loss of her sister and now work, she just felt empty and felt little to be hopeful for.



Prescription 1:

I prescribed as follows:.


Aconite 200C split dose am/pm and also to be taken for the acute panic attacks when the occur.

Calc Carb LM1 constitutionally twice daily

Avena Sativa Tincture as a therapeutic support 3 times daily which I find is excellent at calming the whole nervous system in a gently but profound way.


Follow up: 2 weeks later : “ I can’t believe the change in two weeks. I feel great. Although its not 100% perfect yet I can see I have improved so much.” No panic attacks at all during the day. They can happen at night but they are not as frequent or as bad. She doesn’t have that anxious feeling at night about dying and is able to go to bed and think about other things now. She felt better able to have conversations with people, as before she had lost interest. Her appetite is starting to return and the nausea in the morning is not as pronounced as previous.



Prescription 2. Continue with Avena Sativa and Calc LM1. Move onto Calc LM2 when finished. One dose Aconite 200C to be taken when feels a panic attack coming on.


Follow up 4 weeks later.  Felt much better. The night time panic attacks don’t happen that much now and if they do, they are short lived. There are still no panic attacks in the daytime. She started to get back in touch with friends  that she hadn’t seen for a long time. She started to go out of the house more frequently. She went socialising and felt a little bit anxious but nowhere like before. She now has more energy to do things at home and feels lighter and happier. She felt the depression was really lifting and she was enjoying more moments of laughter.  She has started to look for jobs and has sent her CV out to businesses nearby.



Prescription 3. Continue with Avena Sativa and Calc LM3. Aconite 200C only if needed.


Chloe continued treatment for another 3 months and responded beautifully to Calc Carb and Aconite. She was delighted with the treatment in that it helped her not only with the panic attacks, anxiety and depression but she also felt so much more confident and stronger in herself.  She got a new job and while anxious to start, she was loving it now she felt more settled in it. She comes back  every 3-4 months for quick check in’s when she feels she needs a boost of confidence and to keep herself on the right track.



* Names have been changed for confidentiality.




About the author:

Eileen Scullion ISHom Lic ISH – Registered Homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Eileen Scullion is passionate about helping women improve their physical, emotional and hormonal health. This includes stress and anxiety related ailments, menstrual problems, fertility, digestive and weight issues.  She offers a range of packages such as Stress/Anxiety, Preconception Care, Fertility, Postnatal Care and Balancing Hormones as well as single sessions.

She also work with children of all ages to enhance their natural vitality, boost their immune system and support them through their development in life.

Eileen’s approach is person-centred so as well as Homeopathy she uses a range of tools to help healing in the most gentle and effective way possible. This can include supports such as Detoxification, Tissue Salts and Flower Essences.

Eileen practices in Dublin, and offers online consultations in Ireland and Worldwide via Skype.

Tel +353 (0) 86 089 1037





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