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Summer 2017 - Potpourri

A word from the Editor – Summer 2017 – Potpourri

A word from the Editor – Summer 2017 – Potpourri

Dear Readers,


Here we are again, already 2 months since the last issue of CLEVER H. and a total of 3 years since the very first issue. Unbelievable, how time has flown. This here issue is therefore somewhat of a jubilee issue, and is, once more, packed with great information. The fabulous authors that have contributed to this issue are sharing interesting facts and knowledge, and valuable insights and experiences.



For this anniversary issue I have found the following quote, by the great George Vithoulkas, apt and fitting. It describes the essence of our practice, in one single sentence.


Further to that I´d like to share a not so pleasant experience with you, that has made me learn a new remedy. Scolopendra morsitans. Trust me, this Latin remedy name is the only fancy, or let’s say, the least unsettling thing about it. For me this encounter was truly freakish.



I woke in the middle of the night, abruptly ripped from the comfort of slumber-land, to an intense stabbing, stinging pain in my back, at the height of my left kidney.  The intense, harsh pain was sudden and un-associated with any movement, and still I initially somewhat thought of this as a very painful muscular twitch, pinch or tear. But out of the blue, while sleeping?



Well, when lifting up my blanket then, it was clear that there was a different source to my horrendous pain. A rather unpleasant visitor had made it into my bed. A millipede, or rather, a centipede. FREAKISH…huge, looong (at least 10cm), with plenty of legs and terrifying stingers …. yuk.




I take it karma wanted me to learn a new remedy, and surly enough there is a Materia Medica of Scolopendra. It is a remedy indicated for Angina pectoris, convulsions, malignant pustules, swelling, pain and inflammation. It is further advisable for vertigo, headache, nausea and precordial anxiety. I will add some links to the MM below this text. Of interest may also be an article I found on the www about ‘First Aid – Animal and Insect Bites’ (link also below), where Nat.mur. is suggested for this type of sting. There is less swelling, and less itching since I applied Nat.mur.. Yet, unfortunately, for me, the aftermath of this sting is still ongoing.



My personal message to karma:

Dear karma, please note: I appreciate stumbling upon new remedies in other ways, without such painful personal experiences, and much more pleasant encounters!!



Dear readers, if you too, have been made to stumble across a remedy by karma, or some other coincidental incident, and would like to share your experience, why not write for one of the coming issues and tell us your story, or introduce the remedy that helped you in an acute event? Or perhaps share an article, case or book review? If you have an idea and would like to run it by me, please get in touch.



The coming issue, due to go live on the 1st of August, has, once more, the featured topic ‘Building Practice’. Articles on promoting a clinic, marketing a service, or spreading the word etc. are welcome, as are other texts on homeopathy or on topics related to homeopathy and health issues. Submissions by 15th of July please!


I wish you happy reading of this issue, and a fabulous summer time!

All best







A collation of the MM of Scolopendra by different authors:

Clarke, J.(2000)Scolopendra, A Dictionary of practical Materia Medica [online] Last accessed: 30.05.2017, Available at:

National Center of Homeopathy (2015) Scolopendra [online] Last accessed: 30.05.2017, Available at:

Dr. Sahni’s Homeopathic (2013) First Aid – Animal & Insect Bites [online] Last accessed: 30.05.2017, Available at:



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