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Autumn 2015 - Our Ancestral Roots

A word from the Editor – ‘Our ancestral roots’

 A word from the Editor – ‘Our ancestral roots’

Dear Readers,


Summer has already passed and we find ourselves within the first days of autumn! I hope you had lovely holidays!


This is the ‘Autumn 2015’ issue of ‘Clever H. – the Mag!’ featuring ‘Our ancestral roots’ as topic of focus.


This issue features articles that shed some light into the healthcare practices of times gone by, before Homeopathy was born from the mind and wit of Samuel Hahnemann the founding father!
Homeopathy is not a folk or traditional medicine practice, yet its distant roots, the basis from which it was born, that built its principles and nourished the idea, are found in the realm of these traditional and folk medicines.

Paracelsus-Quote !

Articles in this issue look at natural medicine, folk medicine, monastic medicine, shamanic healing, and at the biography one of the most influential medics of prior times, Paracelsus.


Paracelsus has coined healthcare with philosophical views and wisdom that until today have not lost validity. Some of his pronounced statements have in fact, led to the fundamental principles of the homeopathic treatment approach.


Happy reading!


All best





The next issue ‘Winter 2015’:


Evidence, Science & Criticism – In defence of Homeopathy


– Explorations under this heading can make a case of the state of evidence for homeopathy, may look at who the critics are, what the flaw is with scientific research, what the current paradigm has to do with the provision of the evidence of efficacy. There can be a focus on the general state of homeopathy, research into a specific disease & the existent evidence, Placebo / Nocebo could be discussed…or in fact another topic of choice that somewhat fits the issues focus.


DEADLINE: 1st November 2015


If you have any questions about how to submit an article, or any queries about a topic you might like to write an article on, please do get in touch!

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